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Helping women in Bangladesh to combine working with breastfeeding

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World Breastfeeding Week 2015, from August 1 to 7, will mark the 22nd anniversary of the Mother-Friendly Workplace Initiative (MFWI). Conceived by the World Breastfeeding Association, the campaign rightly positions the combination of women’s ‘productive and reproductive roles’ as ‘a health issue, an economic issue, a labour issue, and a human rights issue.’

Embracing innovation to treat and reintegrate Obstetric Fistula patients in Uganda

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In Africa, Music, Dance and Drama (MDD) connotes courage, victory and heroism. It is also used to treat trauma and stigma. MDD is food to the ear and medicine for the soul. In African tradition, it is a perfect way to communicate and relevant to the people’s culture. Yet, the international obstetric fistula community has not utilized MDD to reach its objectives.