Privacy Policy

This policy (the “Privacy Policy”) applies to information that personally identifies you (“You”) (other than publicly available information) (“personal information”), that is collected by Grand Challenges Canada, a federal non-share not-for-profit corporation incorporated pursuant to the laws of Canada (“Grand Challenges Canada”), on, the Grand Challenges Canada Community Portal (the “Community Portal”), or any other Grand Challenges Canada web properties or third-party sites managed by Grand Challenges Canada (together, the “Website”), or that is otherwise provided by You to Grand Challenges Canada.  The objectives of this Privacy Policy are (1) to notify You about how Grand Challenges Canada collects, uses, and discloses personal information, and (2) to ensure that Grand Challenges Canada complies with current privacy legislation in Canada.


Grand Challenges Canada reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time. As a result, You are responsible for reading this Privacy Policy each time You visit the Website or otherwise provide personal information, in order to be informed of possible changes. If the Privacy Policy changes, and personal information is collected for a purpose that is different from that stated at the time that it was originally collected, You may choose whether the information previously collected can be used for such additional purposes.  Each time the Privacy Policy is modified, the date of the Privacy Policy will be updated to reflect that changes were made.

Type of Information Collected

Grand Challenges Canada may collect some information automatically from visitors to the Website through the use of “cookies”, “web beacons”, and other tracking mechanisms in order to permit better and easier use of the Website and for statistical and analytical purposes.  For example, Grand Challenges Canada may collect Your domain name and host for internet access; the internet address of the website from which You arrived; the date and time of Your access; Your computer’s IP address and information about its operating system, browser, and host; and the pages You visit.  You can set Your browser to disable cookies, but some pages and services within the Website may not work properly, or may not allow You access, if You do this.

Grand Challenges Canada may request that You provide personal information to it, including (but not limited to) when You register for its mailing list or its Community Portal; when You are applying for, negotiating, receiving, or reporting on Grand Challenges Canada funding; and when You are applying for a job.  Such requested personal information may include (but is not necessarily limited to) Your name(s), location(s), email address(es), personal address(es), business address(es), employer(s), native language(s), job title(s), age(s), personal identification documents, and phone number(s).  Grand Challenges Canada may also collect personal information about You from public sources.  You may also provide Grand Challenges Canada with personal information without having been requested to do so.

It is Your choice, or the choice of anyone acting for You, whether or not to provide personal information.  Some personal information must be provided, however, if, as examples, You wish to sign up for the Grand Challenges Canada mailing list, access certain areas of the Website, apply for funding, or participate in certain programs or activities.

Please exercise good judgment about the appropriateness of the personal information You submit.  Do not provide personal information about others unless You are authorized or required to do so by applicable law or contract and You consent to the Privacy Policy on behalf of Yourself and the person about whom You provide personal information.  By submitting any personal information about others, You represent and warrant that You are authorized to do so.  If applicable law allows or requires You to supply the information without authorization, You represent and warrant that You have abided by that law and that it allows Grand Challenges Canada to receive and disclose the information under this Privacy Policy without any further action on the part of Grand Challenges Canada.  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Grand Challenges Canada against any failure by You to comply with this requirement.

You may withdraw consent to the use of personal information at any time (subject to reasonable notice and the legal obligations to which Grand Challenges Canada is subject) by contacting Grand Challenges Canada using the contact information provided below.  After You have withdrawn consent, subsequent access to the Website, registration for the mailing list or the Community Portal by You, or provision of personal information by You shall be deemed to once again constitute Your consent and agreement to this Privacy Policy.  If You do not consent to the collection and use of personal information described herein, please do not access the Website, register for the mailing list or Community Portal, or provide any personal information to Grand Challenges Canada.

Use of Personal Information

Grand Challenges Canada typically uses personal information to pursue its mission and operations and to engage in the activities for which we collect it.  Grand Challenges Canada may use the personal information collected by it for all lawful purposes, including to, inter alia:

  • Correspond with You
  • Respond to any questions or requests by You
  • Contact You about material changes to our terms or policies
  • Inform You about any relevant Grand Challenges Canada news and information, or any relevant news or information of Grand Challenges Canada’s partners or affiliates, including new requests for proposals or other related information
  • Process and review funding applications
  • Conduct due diligence activities which may include identity verification, anti-terrorism, anti-corruption, legal personality, economic sanctions and financial checks
  • Provide You with status updates on Your application
  • Provide ongoing service to grantees, applicants, partners and other relevant organizations and individuals
  • Comply with the law
  • For other purposes related to the mandate of Grand Challenges Canada.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Grand Challenges Canada reserves the right to disclose personal information to partners, service providers, suppliers, and others connected to Grand Challenges Canada’s mission and operations, so long as such disclosure is consistent with applicable law.  As examples, Grand Challenges Canada may disclose personal information to the following third parties:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (“CIHR”) – CIHR assists Grand Challenges Canada in reviewing applications considered for funding;
  • Funding Partners – Grand Challenges Canada may partner with other organizations to develop, fund and administer grant programs;
  • Third-party contractors, consultants and experts – Grand Challenges Canada may retain consultants and experts as necessary to review applications and provide due diligence.

Grand Challenges Canada must also disclose personal information when required by law. For example, if Grand Challenges Canada is presented with a search warrant or other legal order, or if personal information is requested from an investigative body in relation to a breach of the law, personal information may be disclosed. Moreover, Grand Challenges Canada may disclose personal information in order to collect a debt owed by You to Grand Challenges Canada.

Grand Challenges Canada may also post certain information about You on the Website that is visible to other visits if You have been successful in receiving an award, including but without limitation biographic information and/or links to public information and media about You, Your website and/or Your social media pages.

Grand Challenges Canada is involved in programs and activities in a variety of countries and may disclose and transfer personal information worldwide (including outside the European Economic Area, if You are based there) for any purpose relating to its missions or operations or that is not otherwise prohibited by this Privacy Policy or applicable law.

Protection of Privacy and Personal Information

Personal information will be processed directly by Grand Challenges Canada. Personal information will be processed for the purposes for which You have given it and to carry out the operations connected with the services required in each section of the Website. For example, Grand Challenges Canada will record, organize, keep, elaborate, modify, select, and use or delete personal data to carry out the operations necessary to process an application via the Community Portal.

The processing of personal information will be carried out using both paper and electronic tools. With respect to the processing of personal information, You will be entitled to do the following:obtain a confirmation as to whether or not personal information relating to You has been collected, and whether such information is being used and/or disclosed to third parties

  • Obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal information relating to You has been collected, and whether such information is being used and/or disclosed to third parties
  • Request the deletion of (i) Your personal information which was collected, used or disclosed unlawfully, and (ii) personal information which was been collected but that is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected
  • Request updating, rectification or, where applicable, completion of Your personal information
  • Request a statement confirming that the operations requested above were performed.

Grand Challenges Canada will disclose breaches of Your personal information, as required by provincial and federal law in Canada.  If Grand Challenges Canada is required to provide You with notice of a breach, You agree that Grand Challenges Canada may do so when required by posting notice on the Website or sending notice to any email address You have provided.  You agree that notice to You will count as notice to others for whom You are acting, and agree to pass the notice on to them.

Retention of Information

Grand Challenges Canada will retain personal information as long as it is necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and as required by law, after which time, the information will be deleted and destroyed.

For further information on our Privacy Policy, please contact Grand Challenges Canada at our email address ac.se1660481883gnell1660481883ahcdn1660481883arg.w1660481883ww@of1660481883ni1660481883 or by phone at +1 416.583.5821 or by mail:

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Last modified: December 9, 2016
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