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A barcoded vaccine card raised vaccination rates to 95% in rural Kenya

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Dr. Benson Wamalwa is a research scientist at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. He is the recipient of a Grand Challenges Canada seed grant in the Stars in Global Health program. In rural Kenyan communities, many mothers are unable to have their children fully immunized. The remoteness of their homes means that reaching the […]

Father Involvement in the Parenting Team to Optimize Infant Health and Development

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Posters such as this one will be put up in Community Centres to engage new fathers in the program

Dr Rempel is Associate Professor of Nursing at Brock University and co-principal investigator of the Saving Brains project “Father’s Involvement: Saving Brains in Vietnam.” Her research focuses on health behaviour decision-making and the development and evaluation of health promotion interventions. It’s early evening in a village in Vietnam. Over the community loudspeaker out on the street, […]

Say ‘Hello!’ to the Grand Challenges Canada 2014 Summer Students

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It’s summer again and that means that Grand Challenges Canada is welcoming a new batch of summer students. We have a diverse group of nine students this year, with various academic and professional backgrounds. For this blog post, each student was asked to ponder two questions: Why Grand Challenges Canada? & What do you hope to achieve over the summer?