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Am I Indigenous?

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Sara Wolfe        Jeff Cyr Am I Indigenous? This seemingly straightforward three-word question is, in truth, highly complex and fraught with history, often a traumatic history that was written by non-Indigenous people.  Canada’s legacy of colonization has made it even more complex—who, how and where we as Indigenous people are identified shifts and […]

The Indigenous Innovation Initiative Launches Inaugural Program

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TORONTO, May 11, 2020 – The Indigenous Innovation Initiative, hosted at Grand Challenges Canada is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural program, Advancing Indigenous Gender Equality through Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, on May 11, 2020. The program will provide much-needed seed funding to innovative projects that will promote gender equality in Indigenous communities […]

Global Mental Health Program Relaunch

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Grand Challenges Canada, in partnership with the UK National Institute of Health Research, is delighted to announce the relaunch of the Global Mental Health program. TORONTO, May 2020 – Grand Challenges Canada is relaunching the Global Mental Health program with funding from Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) UK aid through the National Institute for […]

External COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

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Organizations have announced further funding opportunities to address the global COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a list of some of the funding opportunities available for you and your organization to help combat COVID-19 around the world.   Islamic Development Bank Call for Innovation via Transform Fund 2020 The Islamic Development Banks has announced the ‘Transform Fund Call […]