Indigenous Innovation Initiative

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The Indigenous Innovation Initiative is an Indigenous innovation platform. The Indigenous Innovation Initiative is delivered in partnership with the department of Women and Gender Equality Canada (WaGE), the McConnell Foundation, Johnson & Johnson and the Royal Bank of Canada Foundation. Our goal is to enable Indigenous innovators and communities to identify and solve their own challenges, transform lives and drive inclusive growth and health outcomes.

At the request of Indigenous leaders, the Indigenous Innovation Initiative is hosted at Grand Challenges Canada. To ensure we can meet the needs of Indigenous peoples, our initiative is deeply rooted in Indigenous values and wisdoms and built on a foundation of Indigenous ways of knowing and being. To do this right we draw on the guidance of our Indigenous Innovation Council, made up of remarkable Indigenous leaders, Elders, and knowledge keepers with a strong commitment to community engagement and co-creation.

We believe Indigenous innovators will use their knowledge and determination to solve the challenges in areas such as mental health, housing, economic development, climate action, and youth employment in their communities.