Grand Challenges Canada is a not-for-profit organization created, in part, with funding from the Government of Canada. We adhere to strict controls and oversight. We fund and provide support to not-for-profit and charitable organizations, academic institutions and socially-minded small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada and low- and middle-income countries.

  • Guylaine Saucier

    Board Chair, Grand Challenges Canada

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    Alain Beaudet

    Past president, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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    Awa Marie Coll Seck

    Minister of State to the President of Senegal

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    Cédric Bisson

    Partner, Teralys Capital

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    Daniel Carucci

    Global Chief Medical Officer, McCann Health

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    Gerhard Pries

    Chair of Grand Challenges Canada’s Investment Committee; Managing Partner and CEO, Sarona Asset Management Inc.

  • Jocelyn Mackie

    Jocelyn Mackie

    Co-Chief Executive Officer
    Ex-Officio Board Member

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    Johanne Charbonneau

    Former Vice President and CFO, CBC/Radio-Canada

  • Karlee Silver

    Karlee Silver

    Co-Chief Executive Officer
    Ex-Officio Board Member

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    Marine Buissonnière

    Independent Researcher and Adviser in Humanitarian Action, Global Health and Health-Related Human Rights

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    Mohamed H.A. Hassan

    Co-Chair, IAP, The Global Network of Science Academies

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    Morris Rosenberg

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    Nathalie Pambrun

    Board member, Canadian Association of Midwives

  • Peter A. Singer


    Special Advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization

Former Board Members

Grand Challenges Canada would like to acknowledge the guidance and leadership provided by the former members of our Board of Directors.

  • Joseph L. Rotman

    Founding Chairman

  • Robert Bell

  • Abdallah Daar

  • Elizabeth Dowdeswell

  • Charles Field-Marsham

  • Allan Gotlieb

  • Jean Lebel

  • Mwelecele Malecela


  • David M. Malone

  • Allan R. Ronald