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Say ‘Hello!’ to the Grand Challenges Canada 2014 Summer Students

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It’s summer again and that means that Grand Challenges Canada is welcoming a new batch of summer students. We have a diverse group of nine students this year, with various academic and professional backgrounds. For this blog post, each student was asked to ponder two questions: Why Grand Challenges Canada? & What do you hope to achieve over the summer?

Meet the Summer Students of 2013

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This week, we launched our 2014 Summer Student Program, searching for passionate and driven individuals to engage in our exciting summer student opportunities. Now that the application website has been opened, we would like to take this opportunity to look back at our team of students from 2013. This group of eight wonderful people came from a […]

How do we know when we’ve solved a Grand Challenge?

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When Dr. Singer prompted the Grand Challenges Canada team to ponder what it would look like when a Grand Challenge had been solved, he might as well have been asking: when can we close a program and move on to address other grand challenges in global health? It was in this moment that I realized that Grand Challenges Canada is moving in the right direction towards the denouement of international development as an industry.

Counting the ‘Stars’ of Global Health

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Research should not be conducted for the mere sake of conducting research. This is the beauty of the Stars program – it is like no other Canadian global health initiative, in that it supports innovator-defined projects driven by entrepreneurs in Canada and low- and middle-income countries (LMIC).

‘Scaling’ Up My Learning Curve

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Working with my supervisor, Raymond Shih, and the rest of the Financial Innovations team at Grand Challenges Canada, I was able to gain insight about and appreciate the difficulty of evaluating the financial viability and scalability of global health investments.

On being Tweet-smart and what it takes

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Linking to trending hashtags, veering away academic jargon to a conversational tone (while maintaining a sense of gravitas), and sometimes, simply reading a tweet aloud to think about how it ‘sounds’, are tools that help keeping content from sounding dull.