Accessibility Policy

Grand Challenges Canada is committed to serving all individuals’ access needs in a considerate and timely way. Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that all policies, practices and procedures for accessibility will be consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity, and can be provided in the format that will best suit the needs of an individual with a disability.

Navigating without a mouse

Some web users are unable to use a mouse for navigation.  This page describes how users can navigate this website using just the keyboard or by using special shortcuts known as access keys.

Access keys

Access keys are shortcuts for keyboard users to facilitate navigation in the website.  Windows browsers use the ‘Alt’ + ‘access key’ in Internet Explorer or Webkit (Chrome, Safari); use ‘Alt’ + ‘SHIFT’ + ‘access key’ in Firefox.  Macintosh browsers use ‘Control’ + ‘access key’.  Once selected, press ‘Enter’ to activate the link.  The access keys used in this website are:

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Helping you make your computer easier to use

To find out more about making your computer more accessible and easy to use, have a look at AbilityNet’s website. They have a range of tips and suggestions relating to accessibility issues.