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Harnessing the power of digital technology to address Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights challenges

…them how to best deliver their curriculum online, as well as that they could reach more students and enter new markets outside Nepal. “For us, the future is in the e-Learning platform,” stated Founding Director Vikrant Raj Pandey. This platform is currently under development, and will include educational and self-defense videos, quizzes and personality tests, bookable classes, and personal support. [caption id="attachment_44175" align="aligncenter" width="672"] FightBack Nepal, Nepal[/caption] FightBack also began…


Canadian-supported innovations fight tuberculosis in low- and middle-income countries

…fluids. The test proved extremely sensitive and specific for early diagnosis of tuberculosis. The kit is extremely cost-effective and will be evaluated for use in health centres (Vikrant Educational and Social Welfare Society). A rapid low-cost test for pulmonary tuberculosis (Afghanistan, India, Indonesia) Building a low-cost and electricity-free thermal cycler that amplifies the myobacteria’s DNA…