Grand Challenges Canada

Toronto, June 29, 2022—Our hearts go out to Americans who are now set to lose their legal right to safe pregnancy termination. We are saddened by the message this sends to the rest of the world.

Every year, there are more than 25 million unsafe pregnancy terminations, resulting in approximately 7 million women and girls being admitted to health facilities for complications and up to 31,000 deaths. Virtually all (97%) of these unsafe procedures occur in low- and middle-income countries and where pregnancy termination services and commodities are difficult to access.

We believe every woman, girl, and person who can become pregnant has the right to access quality comprehensive sexual and reproductive information, products and services, including safe pregnancy termination if they so choose.

We are proud to support the OPTions Initiative, which seeks innovative and transformative approaches that put women, girls and people with diverse gender and sexual identities in control of where, when, and how they terminate their pregnancy in countries where there are one or more legal grounds to support it.

#RoeVWade #WomensRights #GenderEquality