Our People

  • David Brook

    David Brook

    Chief Strategy Officer Read More
  • Deepika Devadas

    Chief of Staff, Programs Read More
  • Joe Torres

    Director of Funder & Partner Relations Read More

Development Innovation Programs

  • Elizabeth (Elsa) Assefa

    Program Analyst Read More
  • Tina Assi

    Director of Targeted Innovation Read More
  • Nicole Bardikoff

    Program Officer Read More
  • Natasha Cassinath

    Program Officer Read More
  • Michelle Cruickshank

    Program Officer Read More
  • Brittney Dudar

    Investment Manager Read More
  • Leeat Weinstock

    Leeat Gellis

    Director of Open Innovation Read More
  • Molly Grove

    Peer Review Coordinator Read More
  • Carolina Kwok

    Program Officer Read More
  • Dominique Laforest

    Program Associate Read More
  • Christine Leung

    Program Analyst Read More
  • Chloe McDonald

    Senior Portfolio Manager Read More
  • Joanita Nakamwa

    Program Analyst Read More
  • Kimberly Quach

    Program Associate Read More
  • Joudy Sarraj

    Program Analyst Read More
  • Maximillian Seunik

    Investment Manager Read More
  • Megan Takeda-Tully

    Investment Manager Read More
  • Solina Teav

    Investment Manager Read More
  • Syeda Zaki

    Investment Manager Read More

Every Woman Every Child Innovation Marketplace


  • Adiam Abraham

    Program Analyst Read More
  • Zainah Alsamman

    Knowledge Management and Translation Associate for the Humanitarian Grand Challenge Read More
  • Patrick Coburn

    Patrick Coburn

    Program Associate Read More
  • Nachiket Deval

    Investment Manager Read More
  • Chris Houston

    Director, Humanitarian Innovation Read More
  • Zeba Tasci

    Associate Communications Officer Read More
  • Ala Elfellah

    Regional Consultant for the MENA Region Read More
  • Pako Tshiamala

    Regional Consultant for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and French Africa Read More

Indigenous Innovation Initiatives

  • Sara Wolfe

    Director of Indigenous Innovation Initiatives Read More
  • Richel Davies

    Administrative Coordinator Read More
  • Marissa Hill

    Knowledge Management and Translation Associate – Indigenous Innovation Initiative Read More

Knowledge Management & Translation

  • Samiya Anjum Bhuiya

    Knowledge Management Data Coordinator Read More
  • Person Placeholder Image

    Neerija Kumar

    Impact Measurement Manager Read More
  • Sarah Meteke

    Knowledge Management and Translation Associate Read More
  • Erik Miller

    Data Associate Read More
  • Zina Nelku

    Zina Nelku

    Senior Data Associate Read More
  • Kristin Neudorf

    Senior Manager, Knowledge Management & Translation Read More
  • Person Placeholder Image

    Abigail Speller

    Knowledge Management and Translation Associate Read More

Operations, Communications, Finance & Legal

  • Douglas Chow

    Senior Manager, Communications Read More
  • Nicole Farrell

    Executive Assistant Read More
  • Meagan Foreman

    Associate Communications Officer Read More
  • Deirdra Hill

    Executive Assistant Read More
  • Andre Lewis

    Andre Lewis

    Manager, IT Operations Read More
  • David Masse

    Director of Operations and Administration Read More
  • Anita McKernan

    Senior Legal Counsel Read More
  • Elizabeth Odza

    Administrative Coordinator Read More
  • Chithra Rajaratnam

    Chithra Rajaratnam

    Human Resources Associate Read More
  • Maddy Toca

    General Counsel and Secretary to the Board Read More


  • Yna Billanes

    Intermediate Financial Analyst Read More
  • Catherine Bravo-Judah

    Finance Manager - Compliance Read More
  • Claude Briand

    Claude Briand

    Controller - Compliance Read More
  • Amanda Chiu

    Finance Manager - Programs Read More
  • Linda Doran

    Project Manager Read More
  • Barbara Malecki

    Finance Manager – Corporate Read More
  • Olivia Mao

    Senior Financial Analyst - Corporate Read More
  • Person Placeholder Image

    Caroline Martires

    Senior Financial Analyst - Corporate Read More
  • Eva Mitre

    Finance Partner Read More
  • Person Placeholder Image

    Moyo Odeyemi

    Finance Partner Read More
  • Person Placeholder Image

    Safwan Qureshi

    Senior Financial Analyst - Compliance Read More
  • Niha Shamim

    Financial Analyst Read More
  • Barkha Singh

    Finance Partner Read More
  • Angel So

    Financial Analyst Read More
  • Kaitlin Strachan

    Finance Manager - Programs Read More
  • Thanh Tran

    Director of Finance Read More

Guylaine Saucier CM, FCPA

Chair of Grand Challenges Canada

Guylaine Saucier, a Corporate Director, is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a former director of the Bank of Canada, a former Chair of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA), a former director of the International Federation of Accountants, and was Chair of the Joint Committee on Corporate Governance established by the CICA, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Canadian Venture Exchange. She has been an Independent Director of AXA Assurances and serves as a Director at Bank of Montreal, Fondation du Musée des Beaux Arts of Montreal, AREVA, Danone and Wendel. Mme Saucier was also the first woman to serve as President of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce. Mme Saucier obtained a B.A. from Collège Marguerite-Bourgeois and a B.Comm. from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales, Université de Montréal. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Member of the Order of Canada. In 2004, she received the Fellowship Award from the Institute of Corporate Directors; in 2007, she obtained the Institute Certified Designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors and, in 2010, Administrateur de Société Emérite from Collège des Administrateurs de sociétés. Guylaine Saucier has served as a member of Grand Challenges Canada’s Board of Directors since inception in May 2010. She was appointed Chair in February 2015.

  • Alain Beaudet MD, PhD

    Former President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Cédric Bisson MD

    Partner, Teralys Capital
  • Marine Buissonnière

    Independent Advisor, Global Health and Humanitarian Action
  • Daniel Carucci MD, MSc, PhD

    Global Chief Medical Officer, McCann Health
  • Johanne Charbonneau FCPA, FCGA, MBA, C.Dir

    Former Vice President and CFO, CBC/Radio-Canada
  • Awa Marie Coll Seck MD, PhD

    Former Minister of State to the President of Senegal
  • Mohamed H.A. Hassan PhD

    Co-Chair of IAP, the global network of science academies
  • Nathalie Pambrun RM

    President, Canadian Association of Midwives
  • Gerhard Pries

    Founder, Managing Partner and CEO, Sarona Asset Management Inc.; Founding Director and Vice Chairman, MicroVest General Partner Holdings
  • Morris Rosenberg LL.L., LL.D.

  • Peter A. Singer OC, MD, MPH, FRSC


    Special Advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization
  • Jocelyn Mackie MSc, JD

    Co-Chief Executive Officer
    Ex-Officio Board Member
  • Karlee Silver DPhil

    Co-Chief Executive Officer
    Ex-Officio Board Member

Former Board Members

Grand Challenges Canada would like to acknowledge the guidance and leadership provided by the former members of our Board of Directors.

  • Joseph L. Rotman OC, LL.D

    Founding Chairman
  • Robert Bell MD

  • Elizabeth Dowdeswell OC

  • Charles Field-Marsham

  • Allan Gotlieb CC, OM

  • Jean Lebel PhD

  • Mwelecele Malecela PhD

  • David M. Malone

  • Allan R. Ronald OC, MD