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Opening the tap of innovation to fight for safe and healthy water in developing countries

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Next time you open the water faucet, think for a minute about how much we take that flow of drinkable water for granted. If you are reading this in a high-resource country like Canada, the water that pours out of the tap is clean and perfectly safe to drink. Not only that, the water has been delivered right to your door. It is stored and transported in a safe, cost-effective and efficient way, and we focus on conserving our precious water for future generations.

2013 World Toilet Day

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The United Nations designated November 19, 2013, as World Toilet Day. This international day of action aims to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge. World Toilet Day is urging changes in both behaviour and policy on issues ranging from enhancing water management to ending open-air defecation. On this international […]