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A content analysis of Global Mental Health from a policy perspective

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Marguerite Regan is the Knowledge Exchange officer for the Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN), concentrating on developing resources and methods to bridge the gap between the stakeholder groups within the global mental health sphere. This blog gives a background and summary of a report produced by the Overseas Development Institute, which characterizes mental health as […]

No Sustainable Development Without Mental Health (and Vice Versa)

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Ananda Galappatti is a medical anthropologist who has worked primarily with mental health and community services in the context of conflict, disaster and poverty in Sri Lanka. He is currently Director of Strategy at The Good Practice Group and an advisory board member of the Mental Health Innovation Network. His project in Sri Lanka received a […]

Improving access to care for people living with epilepsy in Laos

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Epilepsy is one of the most frequently occurring neurological diseases worldwide. There are around 70 million people living with epilepsy (PWE) in the world. The stigmatization and discrimination are very common in PWE. Epilepsy has an important impact on the life of those with PWE and their families. Sufferers from epilepsy may fear what people might think of them if they have a seizure in public. The goal should be to significantly raise awareness about epilepsy among the population. World Epilepsy Day (March 26) is an important event that could improve understanding about epilepsy.

Lessons learned from the Grand Challenges Canada meeting in Rio de Janeiro

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Menelik Desta is Executive Director of School Readiness Initiative (SRI) in Ethiopia, a comprehensive pre-school program with three major components: Education, Nutrition and Monthly parent education sessions. He was one of the participants of the Global Mental Health Community Meeting that took place in Rio at the end of October 2013. Menelik wants to share some of the lessons that he learned from that meeting.

Screening for mental illness in children: will it lead to better outcomes?

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One of the key issues we identified in the study of Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health was the need to integrate screening and core packages of services into routine primary health care; and to provide effective and affordable community-based care and rehabilitation. Linked to these challenges were research questions that included: How effective are brief […]