Institution: Aerosan
Institution Country: Canada
Implementation Country: Nepal
Area of Focus: Sanitation

The Challenge

Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu, has the highest rates of urbanization in the region. Rapid population growth has made access to basic sanitation and waste management a challenge. There is a shortage of sanitation facilities, and women and children are disproportionately affected. Access to safe sanitation is essential to disease prevention and environmental health.

About the Innovation

Aerosan’s goal is to improve the economic, social, and environmental impacts of public toilets in Kathmandu. Their public pay-per-use toilets offer a safe, clean facility for adults, children, and individuals with disabilities. The facilities include locally-produced menstrual hygiene products for women as well as onsite waste management. 100% of waste from the toilets is converted to energy to create biogas, which is then sold to nearby businesses.

The organization is currently testing the set-up of a co-operative to create job opportunities for women. Co-op members are trained in business and accounting, enabling them to shape future sanitation and business policies for women in Nepal.

In the past, the toilet was small, dark and poorly managed. Many customers left with disappointment… now, I go to the toilet at least 5 times a day. I don’t have to control my urge, nor do I have to control my thirst.”

Binda Budhathoki (Beneficiary; Kathmandu, Nepal)