Service Opportunities

Grand Challenges Canada, funded by the Government of Canada, is committed to using a competitive, transparent and fair process for the procurement of goods, assets and services and to ensuring that it obtains the best value for money for such goods, assets and services. 

Bid Solicitation: Developmental Evaluation Consultancy Services

Grand Challenges Canada is seeking an external evaluation consultant(s) to conduct a developmental evaluation of the Creating Hope in Conflict: Humanitarian Grand Challenge program (HGC) program portfolio.

The external evaluator(s) will partner in the undertaking of a developmental evaluation to improve and optimize the Creating Hope in Conflict platform through real-time feedback to program staff and iterative assessment to allow for a continuous and adaptive development process that responds to emerging conditions.

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2021 – 11:59 pm EST

Bid Solicitation: Indigenous Innovation Initiative Future State Visioning and Strategy Implementation Roadmap

Grand Challenges Canada is seeking a service provider(s) to support the Indigenous Innovation Initiative to develop future state visioning and strategy development, funded by the Indigenous Strategic Policy & Partnerships Fund Program of the Indigenous Innovation Initiative.

The successful service provider(s) will offer culturally informed, asset-based business methodologies and approaches that can support GCC and I3 management, and the Indigenous Innovation Council with engagement, research, project management and facilitation towards the development of a future state strategy implementation and action plan for the Indigenous Innovation Initiative.

Submission Deadline: December 23, 2020 – 5:00 pm EST

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