Brand Guidelines – Saving Brains

We appreciate your efforts to credit the Saving Brains partners and hope that it will encourage other innovators to be aware of the initiative and the organizations involved. When acknowledging the funding support of Saving Brains, innovators should use the following language and feature the funding acknowledgement logo on communications materials, including publications and presentations when referencing the project.

Funding Acknowledgement Logo

The Saving Brains logo is available in English or French, and different formats and colour variations to accommodate different applications and appropriate backgrounds. The logo pictured below is the preferred version and is to be used on light or white coloured backgrounds. When colour printing is not possible, a black (positive) logo or white (positive) logo is available upon request. In addition, if you must place the logo on a red background, a white/black full colour version is available upon request.

To download the Saving Brains partnership logo, please click the following link: Saving Brains Logo – Download

The following alternate logo variations are available for situations where it’s necessary to use a simplified version of the Saving Brains partnership logo: Option 1 and Option 2

Funding Language

When feasible, please accompany the Saving Brains logo with the following text:

This Project [or Name of Project] is supported by Saving Brains.

If space permits, please write:

This Project [or Name of Project] is supported by Saving Brains. Saving Brains is a partnership of Grand Challenges Canada, Aga Khan Foundation Canada, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The ELMA Foundation, Grand Challenges Ethiopia, the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation, the Palix Foundation, the UBS Optimus Foundation and World Vision Canada.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Only Saving Brains funding recipients are authorized to use the Saving Brains partner funding acknowledgement logo.
  • The Saving Brains partner funding acknowledgement logo is a specifically drawn, original piece of artwork and should never be altered, re-drawn or reconfigured in any way. The logo must be adhere to requirements with respect to colours, minimum size (4″ wide) and clear space (approx 0.5″).
  • The funding recipients are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license to display the Saving Brains partner funding acknowledgement logo.
  • All rights in and to the Saving Brains partner funding acknowledgement logo remain solely with the Saving Brains partners.  The display of the Saving Brains funding acknowledgement logo by the funding recipient shall not be construed as a transfer of trademark and/or copyrights to the logo.
  • All instances where the English or French equivalent of the Saving Brains trademark and/or logo must be displayed should use the ™ indicated.
  • The trademarks cannot be amended, revised or consolidated with another trademark.
  • The Saving Brains partners reserve the right to require funding recipients to cease using the Saving Brains partner funding acknowledgement logo at any time.

Please direct inquiries regarding the brand guidelines and the appropriate logos to ac.se1720976331gnell1720976331ahcdn1720976331arg@s1720976331noita1720976331cinum1720976331moc1720976331. Please include your grant number in all inquiries.