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  • The Grand Challenges Approach
    Grand Challenges Canada, January 2011 – The Grand Challenges Approach is a strategic platform that helps to identify critical barriers holding back progress in addressing critical problems, develops targeted programs to fund teams to develop solutions to overcome these barriers, and implements strategies to help to bring these solutions to scale, in order to address the pressing challenges of the world’s most impoverished nations and communities.

  • Integrated Innovation
    Grand Challenges Canada, September 2010 – Integrated Innovation is the coordinated application of scientific/technological, social and business innovation to develop solutions to complex challenges. This approach does not discount the singular benefits of each of these types of innovation alone, but rather highlights the powerful synergies that can be realized by aligning all three. Integrated Innovation recognizes that scientific/technological innovations have a greater chance of going to scale and achieving global impact and sustainability if they are developed from the outset with appropriate social and business innovations.

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