Dandora Dumpsite

TakaTaka Solutions: How innovation in recycling saves water and lives

August 26, 2015:

Every day, around 200 trucks enter Dandora dumpsite, Nairobi’s official landfill, to dispose more than 800 tons of waste. After queuing for hours, drivers slowly maneuver their heavy trucks across the waste, careful not to get stuck. Dandora has no real roads. Read More

  • Project 209-01 (3)

    Text Messages to Improve Health Outcomes among Internal Migrant Women in Vietnam

    August 19, 2015:

    Every year in Vietnam, thousands of young people leave their homes in the rural areas of the country and migrate to urban centres such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to find work in factories, manufacturing products such as electronics, garments, footwear and textiles for export. The 2009 Population and Housing Census, Vietnam, showed that 6.6 million people changed their place of residence between 2004 and 2009, an almost 50% increase from the 1990s. Read More

  • 0612-01-10 Breast milk pasteurization device

    Helping women in Bangladesh to combine working with breastfeeding

    July 31, 2015:

    World Breastfeeding Week 2015, from August 1 to 7, will mark the 22nd anniversary of the Mother-Friendly Workplace Initiative (MFWI). Conceived by the World Breastfeeding Association, the campaign rightly positions the combination of women’s ‘productive and reproductive roles’ as ‘a health issue, an economic issue, a labour issue, and a human rights issue.’ Read More


    Partnering for Impact at Scale

    July 6, 2015:

    Grand Challenges Canada and the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) co-hosted the conference “Solving the Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health: Partnering for Impact at Scale” in Toronto, Canada in June. Read More

  • 0267-Fistula-2

    Embracing innovation to treat and reintegrate Obstetric Fistula patients in Uganda

    May 22, 2015:

    In Africa, Music, Dance and Drama (MDD) connotes courage, victory and heroism. It is also used to treat trauma and stigma. MDD is food to the ear and medicine for the soul. In African tradition, it is a perfect way to communicate and relevant to the people’s culture. Yet, the international obstetric fistula community has not utilized MDD to reach its objectives. Read More